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Book Cover Design

I do judge from the cover. 

It is impossible to convey a whole narrative in just one image. Or is it? 

Us artists only have one frame to work with, but I consider it my duty - to make sure this single image contains all that is needed and nothing more. Representing a novel or a short story in the face of an illustration is an intriguing personal and professional challenge, and one which I approach very seriously. Below are a few examples of book covers in a variety of my 'styles,' each seeking to bring out the unique voice of every book. 


Crime and Punishment

(Fyodor Dostoyevsky)

  • Scenic, text not part of my services.



(George Orwell)

  • Scenic, integrated text.


Of Mice and Men

(John Steinbeck)

  • Graphic, part-integrated text. Unfolded (front and back).

Editorial illustration

I am also happy to do inside illustrations, if that is what your book calls for, however I do not specialise in border design and lettering, please keep that in mind.


If you have specific style requirements, please contact me and let me know (ideally with visual examples of what you would like). To see the type of art that I do, see my Portfolio: 


Thanks for submitting!

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