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Ned (Albino Croc) Kryuchkov

"Movie poster of my life" Prokochallenge entry

"Movie Poster of my life" 

Born in Moscow, Russia but leaving the country at a young age, I have experienced, and am still living, a migrant way of life, using Art as a sort of ‘constant’ wherever I happen to end up.  Despite or, perhaps, because of this estranging, Slavic culture had rooted itself deep in my heart and is manifesting, frequently, in my artwork; often featuring fantastic, dark and gloomy natural elements and settings.


I also possess a fascination with graphic design, which I have started to discover just slightly after my beginning to take art seriously – about 5 years ago. I explore visual communication through shape and composition in most of my works, and it is what also lead me, eventually, to consider book illustration.


Currently, I am a Freelance Illustrator and Book Cover artist, seeking to discover my own identity and to bring visions – if not to life then, at least, your screen – through my paintings.

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